Therapeutic Photography

I use photography and image-making to create activities that help people explore the world in a safe space.

Therapeutic photography works very well with various age groups. Both children, teenagers, and adults can benefit from its healing effects.

Therapeutic Photography sessions can be devised around the needs of participants. The activities can be used to develop self-confidence, body confidence and mindful living.

Workshops can also be structured to support community empowerment through working with people to give them a ‘photovoice’.

Photography is the art of connection with ourselves and others. Is a process of discovering both the external and internal world.

I believe photography is bigger than just images.

I’m a co-founder of Terapia Fotografia. From 2012  – we run workshops and sessions for individuals, and institutions such as charities, associations, private companies.  More information about it you can find here: and

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What is contemplative, mindful photography? It is meditation with a camera.

The practice of developing a choice of how we see the world. It allows us to see the world as it is, fresh and always new. It allows the eyes and mind to synchronize together until flashes of perception occur. It’s the way of seeing things as they are. This is the essence of being present.

The Contemplative aspect teaches us about discovering the world and appreciating everyday things, people, and all that surrounds us.

This process is crucial to the workshop. The intention is not to focus on the outcome, rather being focused on the moment. […]

Green session is a time with yourself, nature, sense of the body. The time of finding the peace and beauty that we carry within us.

Thanks to the combined methods including coaching, meditation and therapeutic photographic techniques, here are coming processes of internal integration and healing.

For many people I had a chance to work, it is finding peaceful connections through a close encounter with nature.

Parallel conversations take place about how beautiful I am, how important is the feeling of unity with my body and everything around me.

Being close to nature gives us so much energy!

Let’s create a Green Session for you! […]

The bouquet of life – the power of photography and flowers together during one project.

The process.

I surprise participants by bringing flowers. Some of them just touch the flowers and immediately smile is coming into their faces. Just for a moment, a few minutes or seconds but so full of positive emotions. Flowers truly have magic power.

It’s about using senses, we see, we touch, we smell, we listening, we start to talk about flowers, colours and life experiences.

Then comes the time for taking photos.

“The bouquet of life” is provided in one to one and group sessions. […]