Photography is bigger than a picture

Tell your visual story.

Whether you want a portrait, documentary or editorial photography for your project, website or a book that tells your authentic story, let’s talk about how I can help you.

I specialise in the fields of impactful projects, sustainability, coaching, training, health and wellbeing, climate change, music, arts and culture.

Photography is for me a journey and the way of life.  I have taken photographs in a diverse range of settings including workplaces, workshops, festivals and domestic environments, capturing meaningful moments for a wide range of clients.

Clients include Gone West, SoulFull Living Academy, Crossroads Young Carers, Alreal Consulting, Community Land Scotland, Bodega Hostels, Pan Pozor, Jalla Odzyskaj Ciało, Points of You Poland, Holy Loch Pottery, Młotkownia Music Club, … – see portfolio below.

I provide comprehensive photography packages for organisations, small businesses alongside one to one sessions.

Get in touch to book a consultation about your photography needs.

SoulFull Living Academy was founded by Dawn Petherick.She runs retreats, online programmes, training/workshops and experiences for personal development and growth. […]

Points of You Poland – “On Your Own Rules” workshop. One of the monthly POY meetings which I had a chance to capture. There was a time for summaries, reflections, meetings and planning for the next year.  […]

Alreal Consulting. EQ BarCamp – Let’s talk about Emotional Intelligence! Empathy, Dialogue and Support Networks. Alejandro shared his professional experience based on working side to side with grassroots social organizations, migrant entrepreneurs and vulnerable populations. […]

Sensi Baby was created by Maria, she provides baby massage sessions. She loves her work. Maria decided to promote her entrepreneurship and invited me to capture beautiful time with Babies and their Mums. […]

Bodega Bangkok Party Hostel belongs to the biggest hostel group in Asia. Good people, good vibes, a great social experience. Extremely social hostel, where you can make new friends from around the world in no time. […]

Deb Wing is a print artist based in beautiful Argyll on the west coast of Scotland. She provides also workshops about lithography. I had a chance to visit her beautiful studio and take part in her teachings. […]

Reggae in Stodola is one of the few free and non-commercial music event taking place in Kobiór, it is a festival of music, freedom and fun. […]

Community Land Scotland

Community Land Scotland. Photo – design project in cooperation with Tacit – Tacit. Commissioned by the charity Community Land Scotland to develop communication materials to support a variety of campaigns around Scottish Community land ownership. […]